Management. A mystifying, vague, and shapeless concept. A word that starts with m and ends in t…

This platform is dedicated to the work and practice of management. I have been managing teams since I started my career and I have been part of teams since, well, forever (I’m convinced nothing teaches a kid how to play nice with others quite like a well-made MMORPG). I am writing down thoughts, ideas, and concepts that I wish had been shared with me early in my career and that are still useful no matter what your experience level. I will do my best to stay away from useless listicles and concepts that are impossible to apply, but I can’t promise I won’t be making obscure references to things that I love.

I learned to be a good manager the hard way and you will too, but check out some of the ideas and thoughts I’ve pulled together to help make settling into the manager life a little easier.

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